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Baby Monitor Easy Control 200

Baby Monitor Easy Control 200

The perfect starter model for new parents offers the highest safety and quality as well as being extremely simple to use. The NUK Baby Monitor Easy Control has a range of up to 200 meters, is also up to 100% interference-free and its digital FHSS technology makes it particularly reliable. 

NUK Babyphone Eco Control

Babyphone Eco Control

The basic version with low radiation levels and practical talk-back function is 100 % interference-free and, thanks to the Full Eco Mode, only transmits if your baby makes a sound.

NUK Babyphone Eco Control plus

Babyphone Eco Control plus

The Eco Control+, with adjustable coverage, is also 100 % interference-free and has low radiation levels.  A temperature sensor, night light, lullabies and many other features ensure even more safety and comfort.

Babyphone Eco Control plus Video

Eco Control plus Video

Thanks to the large colour screen, along with sounds and room temperature, any movements in your child’s bedroom can be monitored too. The NUK Babyphone Eco Control+ Video also only transmits if your baby becomes restless. 

Baby Monitor Eco Smart Control 300

Eco Smart Control 300

Radiation protection and safety: the NUK Eco Smart Control 300 transfers data via power supply cables making it EMR-free. With the free Live Cam App, the image and sounds from your child’s room are reliably transferred to your smartphone. 

NUK Baby Monitor Smart Control Multi 310

Smart Control Multi 310

The NUK Smart Control Multi 310 for example! The baby monitor is a reliable way for you watch over your child’s room from your smartphone or tablet. Via the NUK Multi App you can check your child’s well-being at any time from anywhere in the world – you can also change the camera’s perspective, speak to your child, play lullabies, check the room temperature and record videos.

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