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A midwife is of the utmost importance to expectant mothers and young parents. She accompanies mothers-to-be from the start of the pregnancy up to the end of breastfeeding and is both advisor and confidante in this important time. NUK would like to give midwives support and has therefore created a network at, where they can exchange views with colleagues. So that expectant mothers and parents can also profit from this, we have opened up to this circle of people too. You can use this platform to get in direct contact with qualified midwives, ask them questions and to find a midwife for yourself. To he NUK midwives forum for midwives:

  • Create a profile free of charge
  • Information swapping between midwives
  • Get in touch with expectant and new mothers
  • Test NUK Products for expectant mothers and parents:

  • Find a midwife
  • Ask a midwife – quickly and easily
  • 100 Top FAQs
  • Access NUK products test results

Midwives answer your questions

ask the midwife

Personally or from the 100 most frequently asked questions

Expectant mothers and new parents want to do everything right and have lots of questions. At your questions are always welcome. Browse through the 100 most frequently asked questions and answers or ask a qualified midwife a question directly and receive a personal reply.

Link to the questions & answers

Here is how to find the right midwife for you.

to the midwife search on

Near to you, with the relevant services

For mothers-to-be and parents, the midwife is their contact, advisor and confidante from the beginning of the pregnancy right up to the end of breastfeeding. At, there are numerous profiles that will help you find the right midwife for you. Whether your priority is finding a midwife who is nearby or one who offers the special type of care you would like, you’ll find what you are looking for at

Link to the midwife search

Midwives test products.

All test results are available at

Pregnancies, births and babies are part of a midwife’s daily routine. That is why NUK lets not only its own products but also those of its partners be regularly tested and evaluated by experienced midwives, so that they in turn can help expectant mothers and new parents make the right choice. The test results are available for you to read at

Link to the product-tests 

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