Soothers in support of the Stiftung Lesen (Reading Charity)

Stiftung Lesen

Arouse a joy of reading to promote literacy skills! Since 1998, this has been the slogan, under which the Stiftung Lesen (Reading Charity) has been successfully developing numerous projects to encourage reading. The aims of these projects include encouraging reading in families, schools and kindergartens as well as the training, further education and advanced training of parents, kindergarten teachers and teachers.  

ince 2007, the NUK Soother Donation Campaigns have been helping the Stiftung Lesen in all its endeavours. All donated soothers are turned into cash donations which are given to the Stiftung Lesen, which in turn uses this money to sponsor so-called “book buddies” who actively promote reading and read to children of all ages in day care centres and libraries.

The Stiftung Lesen website can be found here.