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NUK Learn to Drink Set Girl

  • 1x NUK Starter Cup, 220 ml, mit auslaufsicherer Soft-Trinktülle, ab 6 Monate
  • 1x NUK Magic Cup, 250 ml, neuartiger Trinkrand, abdichtende Silikonscheibe, ab 8 Monate
  • 1x NUK Fun Cup, 300 ml, mit versenkbarem Trinkhalm aus Silikon, ab 18 Monate
  • Gratis 1x NUK Ersatz-Trinktülle Starter Cup
  • Gratis 1x NUK Ersatz-Trinkhalm Fun Cup
  • ab 6 m
27,99 €
Inkl. 19% MwSt., zzgl. Versand
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NUK Learn to Drink Set, with a Starter, Magic and Fun Cup and Free Replacement Spout and Straw

NUK Easy Learning Starter Cup, Soft Silicone Spout, 200 ml, Leakproof, Age 6m+, BPA-free, Violet 

Is it a little person who sets the daily routine in your home too? Then that is when products that solve daily challenges in a quick, straightforward and thought through way are required. For example, when changing over from bottle or breastfeeding to drinking from a cup or beaker without your help. To help parents and children in this important learning step, there is the NUK Easy Learning Learn to Drink range.  

The NUK Starter Cup with its soft silicone spout ensures a gentle departure from the breast or bottle teat – the soft mouthpiece takes its shape from that of the rim of a cup, but still feels soft and familiar.

Thought-through details
The leakproof vent helps prevent splashing and spilling the drink. The ergonomically-shaped, non-slip handles nurture their motor skills and can be securely held. Suitable for children over 6 months.

Colourful motifs
The Starter Cup comes with a cheery motif that ensures colour and variety at mealtimes.


Learning to drink in stages
The cup is made of high-quality polypropylene, can hold 200ml and is with all the products in the NUK Easy Learning Range.

NUK Starter Cup – the best start for drinking without your help!


NUK Magic Cup, 360° Drinking Rim, Silicone Disc Seal, 250 ml, Age 8m+, Polypropylene, Petrol

Many parents would surely wish for a little bit of magic when it comes to introducing their children to drinking from a cup or beaker without their help. For what older children now take for granted, the little ones still have to learn. The Magic Cup is suitable for children from 8 months old and its though-through design can be a help at this important stage in their development.

New type of drinking rim
The cup’s new type of drinking rim works all the way round. Children can put their lips anywhere on the rim and as soon as they start to suck, the seal opens.  

Leakproof and no splashes
The silicone disc acts as a seal that prevents the drink being splashed or spilt.

Easy to clean
Handling and cleaning are particularly simple, as the cup has only three parts that can all be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Learning to drink in stages
The NUK Magic Cup is made of high-quality polypropylene, can hold 250 ml and is compatible with all the other products in the NUK Easy Learning Range.

NUK Magic Cup: making learning to drink “child’s play” – with a little bit of magic.

NUK Easy Learning Fun Cup, Retractable Silicone Straw, 300 ml, Leakproof, Age 18m+, BPA-free, Pink

When children romp around at home, playing and discovering the world, it is sometimes not so easy for parents to remind them to take an all-important drink now and again. With the NUK Easy Learning Fun Cup, the little ones can drink the recommended daily amount of liquid as they play, because the soft, silicone straw makes drinking such fun!  There are three fanciful motifs to excite the imaginations of the little explorers too. 

New system for closing
Just one twist and the straw disappears into the top. Then one in the other direction is enough to move the straw back up into the upright drinking position.

Safe and hygienic
The straw is securely and hygienically protected in the top - so a separate protective cap is not needed for this cup!

Spillproof and no mess
Thanks to the tried and tested NUK Special Vent, no liquid remains in the straw, so there are no spills or splashes when the cup is opened!

Learning to drink in stages
The NUK Easy Learning Fun Cup is an ideal addition to the NUK Easy Learning Cups range, which lets children learn how to drink from a cup without your help.   

The NUK Easy Learning Fun Cup – for children who’ve got the knack of drinking!


NUK Silicone, Soft Straw for Flexi Cup / Easy Learning Fun Cup, Spillproof, BPA-free, Transparent 

Children who can already drink out of a cup without your help also like to use a straw.  With the NUK Flexi Cup (from 24 months old, ideal for when you are out and about) and the NUK Easy Learning Cup Fun (from 18 months old, complements the NUK Easy Learning Cups range) they can quite easily, as they play, drink the daily amount of liquid recommended by nutritionists. And without any splashes: a vent makes it spillproof and prevents liquid remaining in the straw, so nothing can squirt out when the cup is opened.

In the set is a replacement silicone straw that fits both NUK Cups. Should the straw become worn out or get lost then it simply can be replaced, without having to buy a new cup. 

Please note that you will have to cut off a little of the lower part of the straw when using it with the NUK Easy Learning Fun Cup or else the straw will be too long.


NUK Flexi Cup and Easy Learning Fun Cup - 100% drinking fun for children.

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